ACRBA Tour: Can God See Me? – Penny Reeves

18 – 22 November
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Can God See Me?
Wombat Books Oct 2013
Penny Reeve

About the Book – I read in the Bible, so it must be true, God can see everything that I do. But what might this look like? And how far does God’s care reach? Join the wild, hilarious and certainly crazy ride of a young boy who dares to imagine the incredible scope of God’s love and care.


About The Author – Penny Reeve grew up as the child of missionary parents in a variety of cross cultural settings. She then went to university, got married and served for several years herself in PNG and Nepal.

She now lives with her family in Western Sydney and is the author of 11 children’s books including the very popular Find the Animal series for young children and the social-justice themed Tania Abbey novels.


My Thoughts ~

Rating: 4.5 Stars
This is my first children’s book I have had the opportunity to review. However having younger cousins gave me the ‘experience’ I needed to decide the appropriateness of children’s picture book. There is also a BIG variety of Christian children’s books to choose from and I personally stay clear of them because there are just so many!!
Penny Reeve’s one has a clear message that is easy to understand because it communicates to children at a young age that God is everywhere, and that no-matter what you do, God can always see you and knows what you are doing. This even applies to our thoughts. So, what is the underlying message? – God is everywhere and sees all!! Instilling this concept into the minds of children, I believe is really important because they learn the importance of following God. I suppose it also brings comfort in knowing that God is everywhere, especially during those tough times.
Regarding the age of this book, I have mixed thoughts. I loved the unique pictures. As the cover illustrates, they consist of native Australian animals. However the message may be a little too sophisticated for really young children, especially the word ‘precariously’.  But hey, getting a good vocab early on doesn’t hurt!!

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