REVIEW: The Kingdom of the Air ~ C.T. Wells

It dawned on me half-way through reading this book that male and female authors have a different w053a1-thekingdomoftheair_smallay of writing. Yes, every author is different and has their unique writing fingerprint.  What I meant was that males have a different sequence of events and their ‘male’ thinking takes a different logical approach when comparing to female authors (I hope this makes sense!!). I noticed this after having read half the book and still sort of lost in what has been happening. The beginning introduces a lot of characters, and for me, this was hard to get my head around as I was puzzled as to where they fit in the overall story and who was connected to whom.  So honestly, the beginning was slow-going.

 Half way through and the pace picks up. Everything falls into place and the story unfolds. It was exciting putting the puzzle pieces together, watching how all the little details in the beginning came together as one. I couldn’t put the book down. And the cliff hanger at the end, Joseph Schafer will be back. Someone wants him alive, but who? Looking forward to what his next story unfolds!

C.T. Wells ~ About ‘Kingdom of the Air’


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