I’ve Been Nominated: The Sunshine Award

You could say that I am somewhat speechless! I didn’t expect to be nominated for another award so soon. Heaps of thanks to Adeline from Dancing In The Storm. I am truly blessed to be following you! May God keep using you to inspire and encourage others!!


Basically, The Sunshine Award recognizes bloggers whose writings “light up the dark corners of our minds”.
As usual the rules are:
(1) Thank the person who gave you the award in your blog post.
(2) Do the Q&A below.
(3) Pass on the award to 10 – 12 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.

So, my answers are….
Favorite colour? Purple and aqua
Favorite animal? Rabbits, their cuteness just gets me every time!!
Favorite number? I’ve always liked the number 24, only because it’s the day of my birthday 🙂
Favorite nonalcoholic drink? Hot Chocolate, mocha with a hint of coffee and peach iced-tea
Favorite alcoholic drink? Don’t have one
Facebook or Twitter? Neither. I used to have Facebook but found it to be a waste of time, so I got rid of it.
My Passions? Jesus; sharing my faith; reading; being with my friends, serving; helping others; at the moment my blog 🙂
Giving or Receiving Gifts? Well, who doesn’t like getting gifts?? But I love giving gifts purely for the joy of the person receiving it. Shopping for the present is also lots of fun!

My Sunshine Nominees are:
Proverbs Way

Believer’s Diary

Word For Life Says

A Journey of Faith

Golden Faith Within

Healthy Living 4 Him

Revelations is Writing

I Challenge You

The Soaring Eagle

Unashamed Growth


Walking the Talk

* Again my list of nominees was exceeding the limit. I’m sorry for anyone who missed out! Still know that your blog is greatly appreciated!!*


11 thoughts on “I’ve Been Nominated: The Sunshine Award


    I never have had FB, however from what I know, I wouldn’t disagree. I do use Twitter and while it could fall into the category of being a time-waster, I’ve also “met” some AWESOME people through that. People who are wonderful encouragers and I love that. There is a balance between life and social media and we just need to find it. 🙂

  2. Thank you and may God continue using each one of us to shine some hope, love, and light to the world around us! I’m a total bookworm so I look forward to reading your reviews on good, Christian novels. 🙂 Be blessed!

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