I’ve Been Nominated – Inner Peace Award

Thanks to God’s Character for graciously nominating my blog for this award! It really means a lot knowing that my blog impacts my readers and that it is appreciated! I hope you all also get a chance to visit God’s Character, and be encouraged like I have through their practical ways in which to live for God. You will find great family devotions, things for homeschooling families and things for young people. The posts have caused me to reflect upon how I live for Christ.


There is no ‘rule’ as such for this award, apart from writing a short paragraph about why you are accepting this award.
Well, I had to think about this one. I am not usually one to talk about my traits as I don’t wish to boast, but I suppose I will give it a go… Inner Peace. That is exactly what I feel though this blog. When I first started this blog, I was super excited about strengthening my relationship with the Lord. This required discipline and an eagerness to sit down, forget the world and meditate on God and His Word. Doing this, I feel renewed, energized and uplifted. Yes, sometimes I don’t do it and I can’t be bothered, but my blog has kept me on my toes. Now, with my dedication in reading through Proverbs, I feel myself enriching my life, giving it new meaning.

Now, for my nominees. I hope that you get to visit these blogs, as they have been a real encouragement to me and my walk with the Lord:
My Daily Journal      Word for life says      God’s Chick    I have no greater Joy      Stop and Pray TV     Kindness Blog      Darylgstewart    Little Pix of Hope        Christian Blessings


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