A Change of Fortune ~ Jen Turano ~

Rating: 4 Stars

I read A Most Peculiar Circumstance before reading A Change of Fortune. But honestly, it didn’t matter, especially since it was a while ago. However one thing remained constant – Jen’s humour!! Within the first chapter, I laughed at least once.  A Change of Fortune - Jen Turano

What makes Jen’s books so attracting and intriguing? The confident, outspoken and independent women she introduces us to. Miss Lady Eliza Sumner is no different. Embarking on an adventure to reclaim her stolen inheritance, she thought it would be as easy as posing as a Governess for Mrs Watson’s daughters, and it will be over in no time. She couldn’t have been ready for what was about to come, and how she becomes entwined with Hamilton Beckett despite her better judgement.

Widowed for two years, free from a loveless marriage, Hamilton is intrigued by Eliza’s first social appearance as some things didn’t add up. She was too sophisticated and knew too much etiquette for a governess, so he was on a mission on finding out why. Well, it didn’t take long. All it took was for Eliza to end up in jail, where he wanted to be his ‘knight in shining armour’, thinking that’s what she needed. He quickly learnt she wouldn’t appreciate it.

Let the fun begin. Your chest will be sore, so don’t read it late at night, like I did!! Otherwise you’re bound to wake everyone up 😛 Hamilton has two children, Pipa 5 and Ben 3, who happens to have a bitting problem. Using this ‘skill’ he fends off all those who offend those he loves. Eliza quickly becomes this person. The funniest moment would have to be when a new nanny slaps Ben for being naughty. In comes Eliza, who takes great offence and rips her hair out! What a scene!! Then there is the non-stop talking, from Eliza, Piper and Ben. Of course, this story wouldn’t be complete without a meddling mother! This is Gloria’s specialty. As soon as she sets eyes on Eliza, she knew she was the one Hamilton needed. The remarks she makes won’t be something you’d expect from one who is potentially in their early 50s/60s.

I can’t believe this was Jen’s first book! The skill in mixing ‘two’ plots together would have taken ages and a lot of drafts. Just imagine the patience! Hamilton’s guilt over the death of his wife two years ago has finally caught up with him, and somehow, it’s got to do with Eliza’s little predicament too. This book isn’t about the romance. It’s about the adventure and spunk of the women, and how they believe they can handle and solve the problems all on their own. Drama, Drama, Drama. Eliza’s fortune really does change. Simply put, it’s amazing. Don’t miss out.

2 thoughts on “A Change of Fortune ~ Jen Turano ~

  1. I have all three books, but haven’t read any yet! I need to because I love stories that make you laugh! Great review! 🙂

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