Too Pretty ~ Andrea Grigg ~

Rating 4.5 StarsToo Pretty

At least I know I’m not the only one who likes Maccas fries dipped in ice-cream, but if it were to be my choice I would choose a chocolate thick shake instead. Have you ever tried that, or have you tried and not liked it? Well, then, Nathaniel Watson is on your side! However you may want to be by yourself once you find out that he tries to avoid sugar wherever possible! No, he isn’t a dentist like what Ellie predicted, so I shall keep it a mystery.

Ellie is super funny!! Not only is it the situations she puts herself into, but it’s the way she tolerates everyone’s scorn and disapproval because of her looks. Also, she sticks up for her friends, even if it’s to their parents. Consequences are only evaluated once the deed is done.

Nathaniel is quite an uptight person, not the kind of guy I am hoping to have for myself. Yet once I understood his point of view and background, I felt sympathy and possibly even love, just like Ellie. I love it how they called each other by their full name when everyone uses their nick names. The romantic tension, chemistry and affection was grand – exactly what I expected from Andrea! As Ellie promised God that she wouldn’t date for 6 months, meeting Nathaniel made it difficult, yet as she blurted it out upon meeting him (partly to convince herself and reassure him), both seemed to be on level ground based on mutual understanding and respect. I found myself challenged by Ellie’s commitment to keep her promise, and saw how she grew in her faith. Needing to trust God, leaning on his strength and deliverance made life so much more bearable and interesting. I was even at peace just reading it lol.



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