Wings of Glass ~ Gina Holmes ~

Wings of Glass – the book I have been waiting to read for SUCH a long time. Liz Curtis Higgs sums it up quite nicely:

Wings of GlassGina Holmes pours her heart onto the page of Wings of Glass… If you’ve ever suffered at the hands of someone whose idea of showing love is being abusive, you will find a kindred spirit in Penny Taylor. You’ll also find hope and a gentle but firm call to open your eyes to the truth. Wings of Glass is a powerful, can’t put down novel, so real that it reads like a memoir.

There are many things that frustrated me about this novel, don’t worry, it’s not demeaning! There are many women who find themselves in Penny’s position, and I just don’t get it how they can be so naïve into believing that their husband’s niceness is a sign for change. These women have such low self-esteem, they begin to love the way their husbands treat them, right to the point they begin to aggravate their husbands. Despite it being predictable, Penny does find hope and freedom!! I couldn’t be prouder!! Part of Penny’s reason for not leaving her husband like she was told to do was because of her faith. She took her wedding vows seriously, and for that, God blessed her. She stuck it out till the end, but only through God’s strength and HIS provision. So many of us would’ve just ran. I know I would’ve, which reminded me on how quickly we distance ourselves from God and act in our own strength.

Despite the depressing mood of the story, Penny’s friends bring a nice sense of humour. It took me a while to understand it though, but I’m sure you will cotton on to it quite quickly J But what struck me was their friendship, even when Penny denied their accusations, sticking up for her husband. They displayed true Christian friendship without presenting a charity case, which not only encouraged me, but motivated me to be the same!

There are many encouraging, inspirational and motivational points to take home from this book. It’s unlike my normal romance books, but I didn’t mind. It’s Penny’s situation that grabbed my attention, and I believe in women sticking up for themselves!

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