Dancing With Fireflies~ Denise Hunter ~

I had in mind to read this book on my holiday, however I read and finished it the night before we were leaving lol. I had been looking forward to reading it, however was a Dancing With Fireflies (Chapel Springs Romance Series)little reserved as I had high expectations for Barefoot Summer and was a little disappointed. So, I was a little reserved for its sequel Dancing with Butterflies. And, I can say I wasn’t disappointed.Dancing With Fireflies (Chapel Springs Romance Series)

One of its major improvements was the romance! The chemistry and tension was heart tingling, frustrating, and heart-warming! Being best friends and practically brother and sister ever since Daniel Dawson was ‘adopted’, Jade McKinley and Daniel had a special bond, but didn’t realise how deeply they cared for each other until Jade came home pregnant and close to destitute. Not wanting the pitty of family, she tries to hide her secrets from all except Daniel, who supports her by going to pregnancy breathing courses. Lol imagine that! A recipe for romance! Even more so when everyone believes he’s the father!! Couldn’t have asked for anything better, ey 😉 Things only heat up more when she begins working for him and they’re accidently stuck in his storage cupboard. Needing to spend the night together, they awake with legs intertwined and heads on chests…

Despite needing to grow up quickly, Jade will always be a child at heart, no matter how her circumstances have forced her to change. Her happiness, talent with the guitar and consideration for others breaks your heart.

But when her family does find out, their reaction isn’t what she expects. The support, excitement is all expressed in the way they pitch in caring and providing for her. This was least expected, especially considering the reason why she left. I guess this is the lesson for everyone – family is always there, no matter what!

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