Susan May Warren ~ When I Fall In Love

RATING: 4.5 StarsWhen I Fall In Love

Want to read a book that spells family, life and romance? Well, the answer’s rather simple – Susan May Warren!! The Christiansen Family series is just a heart-warming adventure leaving nothing to the imagination, and When I Fall in Love is definitely NO exception…

What I love most about Susan May Warren, is how she develops her characters – flaws and all!! It’s what makes them beautiful and unique, making me love them all the more. The first few chapters do it beautifully!! Grace: insecure, loving, gentle, fun, adventurous and amazing chef! Max: guarded, handsome, spunky, Huntington’s disease, burdened, perfectionist and determined. There couldn’t be a cuter couple! Max thinks he has his whole life figured out – no wife, play hockey, go to Hawaii for cooking class and live alone. Grace only wants to give her heart away once, completely. And, who sweeps her off her feet? Max with his humour and belief in her cooking skills and gift. The tension, chemistry, laughter, soul searching, kisses, and romance. And the flirting – when cooking together or when initially on the plane. You couldn’t ask for more!

Another aspect Warren writes so well is the Christiansen family dynamic, by not only continuing the stories of the first two books – It had to be you and Take a Chance on Me – but for developing the stories for the next book. At first I was annoyed at the extra storyline. If you have read my other reviews on the other two books (mentioned before), you will not be surprised to see me saying this – that although it annoyed me by breaking up the flow of Max and Grace’s romance, it rounded the characters, giving the book more life. Although the book is essentially about one of the children, it’s also about family, which is what I love, for it adds to the story’s dimension!

All I am going to say is this: I hope I fall in love the same way Grace and Max did. It’s not about living with each other your whole life, but about taking advantage of the time you do have together. It’s about making each other complete and lifting each other up, allowing you to be the person God made you to be. This, my friends, will all be experienced in When I Fall in Love. Don’t miss out!!

One thought on “Susan May Warren ~ When I Fall In Love

  1. LOVE this series. Each book just gets better and better, and in regards to this story in particular, I admired Susan not taking the traditional approach to a “happy ending.”

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