A Sensible Arrangement ~ Tracie Peterson ~

RATING: 3.5/4 Stars A Sensible Arrangement by Author Tracie Peterson

Tracie Peterson never fails to deliver. Her books are always full of life, journeys- spiritual, emotional, physical. The history she focuses on is intriguing – A Sensible Arrangement is just that!

Marty is a beautiful person. Her courage to follow her heart despite society’s expectations mirrors what I want my life to reflect. Helping the orphaned, befriending her servants and staying true to herself are attributes that reflect her determined, outspoken and somewhat stubborn personality, but believe me, in all good ways! It’s no wonder then that Jake falls in love with her! However fleeting the romance is, it’s clear that they love each other. Being educated, she isn’t fooled by superficial friendships and selfish priorities. She understands where one’s priorities should lie, despite internal conflict. This is why Jake and Marty are so well suited! Living in the middle of Denver’s elite whilst being favoured by Mr Morgan himself, Tracie does a wonderful job in expressing where his priorities lie. In regards to that though, I would have liked to see him be more proactive and not fearful of losing everything and then having nowhere to turn.

What had me going though, was the history! Not that I know much of American history, but the collapsing economy is an issue that seems to present itself even in today’s century. Nonetheless, I find reading about it very interesting, especially as I want to know how Jake reacts, considering his position of power.

Gotta love bantering, especially amongst the hired help! Not only is it funny, but it adds a different dimension to the novel by alleviating the seriousness.

Tracie Peterson fan? Well, this book is one that can’t be missed. It’s more historically focussed and had me thinking about it during the day. As Tracie has left issues unresolved, I believe that the series will focus on resolving and expanding on these issues. Of this I am excited!!

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