Meant to be Mine ~ Becky Wade ~

RATING: 5 Stars

Now, talking about heart stopping & heart throbbing romance!!! As soon as I read the blurb of Meant to be Mine, I knew it was to be one of my favourites. And it most definitely is!!

Don’t you just love movies like A Walk to Remember, and those Cinderella focussed ones, where the handsome ‘cool’ guy is just beyond the reach of the ordinary girl? Well, this is just the book for you!! Having had a crush on Ty Porter since high school, Celia knew that the day he asked her to marry him was a fairytale! And, indeed it was!!! Despite a blissful wedding night, nothing lasted. Ty’s cold realisation in the morning made him wonder how he could let things get this far, being a professional bull rider and having planned to settle down with the hometown girl he’s laid eyes on. This just messed everything up. Little, though, did he understand how Celia felt, especially once learning that she was pregnant. Oh, the drama. But hey, that’s just the beginning!!!

Therefore, it’s important to have well developed characters. Celia, despite being portrayed somewhat delicate and fragile, is quite determined and not afraid of Ty, once she convinces herself. Her desire to be independent reveals just how strong she is…. Ty, well, he knows he’s handsome. Yet, he also knows what he wants – his sweet one. However everyone has their demons, and for Ty, it’s his past and how his mistakes are catching up with him. I love the bantering this couple shares! It makes my heart melt!

There are many stories out there that communicate familial rejection when a woman falls pregnant to find the man having abandoned her. Although this isn’t quite the same here, as Ty had no idea about his daughter, Celia still had support, which I found wonderful.

Becky Wade isn’t one to shy away from exploring romance, and it’s one of the reasons why I highly recommend this book!!! Once learning about Celia’s situation five and a half years later, although Ty still holds to his original plans, he’s someone who wants to do right. This means that he secretly helps Celia financially. Having a daughter in love with fairy-tales, of course, isn’t ideal for someone like Celia, who is doing anything to prevent from being scalded by rejection once again. But Ty doesn’t let that falter Him. Deep down, he knows what he wants, and nothing’s going to stop him from doing what’s right.

Becky Wade definitely delivers a knee bending, heart-warming, a heart throbbing and spine tingling romance. DON’T MISS OUT!!!!

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