Book Review: Rebecca’s Dream ~ Carol Preston

RATING: 4 Stars14a8b-rebeccasdreammed

This is an amazing book. Yes, it moves fast, but also slowly! So much happens in the span of a few years. At first, the book didn’t draw me in like some of the others do. However, the more I read, the more attached I found myself become. Little by little. It was so worth it!

Rebecca’s kindred, gentle, loving, courageous, outspoken and determined personality gave the story such life. Without her, it would cease to exist! I know the title gives it all away, however it runs much deeper than that. Much, much deeper! The way she looked after her family, putting their needs before her own, even if it meant forfeiting her future and teaching studies. She gave them her life!

In just a few hundred pages, we journey through Rebecca’s teenage years to her late twenties, where we experience all her turmoils. From moving to Sydney and experiencing discrimination, to moving back home to support her sister and brother’s budding families. What I found funny, was  that all the women did was have children. Not that there’s anything wrong about that, because there isn’t! I suppose having about 8 kids was normal back then and that’s all they lived for. But, for me, an 18 year old, it was a different way of thinking. But most definitely the rise of women power.

What I enjoyed was how Christ was woven into the story, and how Rebecca leaned onto Him for everything. It reminded me of my life, and how important it is for me to put Christ at the focus of everything. This includes all the little unimportant aspects, such as assignments, fears, frustrations and emotions.

I thank Carol Preston for sending me a copy of this book! It is one I highly recommend! Yes, there is no romance. However it is full of life, life from the 1800s that’s fully captivating and intriguing. Hope you pick it up. Don’t let it pass!


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