In The Spotlight ~ Author: Laura Frantz

This has been a long time coming. Upon reading Frantz’s books, Love’s Awakening and Love’s Reckoning (Reviews coming this week!), I was captivated. Yes, the romance was great, but it was the history that captivated me! The characters were also great. So, I wanted to get to know the author behind it all… Laura Frantz…

1. What is your favourite movie and if there is any character whom you would love to be, who is it?laurafrantz
My favourite movie is the BBC’s North and South with Richard Armitage – most romantically intense film ever! I would be Margaret, the heroine, in a heartbeat. Just watch the ending and listen to the Northbound train soundtrack and you’ll see why…!

2. Do you have a favourite song/artist?
My favorite music involves the fiddle/violin. One of my sons has played since he was seven so our house is full of music. I really enjoy Natalie MacMaster and Sarah McLachlan and musicians like them. I enjoy writing to music. Each of my novels should come with the soundtrack I listened to while writing.

3. What intrigued you about the history the Ballantyne series is based on?
I love the state of Pennsylvania and its history. The novels began when I stumbled across a bit of research about apprentices marrying the master tradesman’s daughter. I thought it would shake things up a bit if the master had 2 daughters – and the hero had to choose between them. Poor Silas Ballantyne!
4. If Hollywood made a film about one of your books, who can you imagine playing your characters?
I would love to be any of my heroines but perhaps Morrow Little most of all.
5. What is your favourite TV show?
Sleepy Hollow with the amazing Tom Mison who looks so resplendent in 18th-century uniform! I just wish they would leave out all the icky supernatural stuff. But the history in the series is quite good.
Love's Awakening6. What is your favourite food- main and desert?
Chocolate cake and Thai food, not necessarily in that order! I love to cook – and eat though time in the kitchen is limited since publishing kicked in.
7. Do you have a favourite Bible Verse?
My favorites change due to the season of life I’m in. Currently I’m focusing on Proverbs 31:25 ~ She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.
8. What do you love the most about writing and when did you realise your passion for writing?
I knew at age 7 that writing was my consuming interest. I started scribbling stories then and didn’t stop. All of them were *surprise* historicals .
9. What makes you laugh?
Life and the foibles we find ourselves in because of our humanness. God is very patient!
10. 5 interesting facts about yourself…
I always wanted to be a professional ballet dancer but have two left feet!
I attended college in England and lived in a castle.
My brother talked me into publishing my books.
I have a hard time NOT writing. I’m never really comfortable away from it and always remember feeling that way.
I’m a direct descendent of a Scottish laird (Sir George Hume of ) who was exiled to the American colonies in the 18th-century and trained George Washington as a surveyor.
Love's Fortune11. Are you more for: coffee/mocha/hot chocolate? Hot chocolate with whipped cream!
                               beach/tropics/camping? I live in the woods so would say THE BEACH as I love the sun.
                               overseas or national holiday? Overseas. My great escape is always Scotland.
                               shopping/relaxing at home? Home, hands down. Love sitting by the fire in winter or on the deck in summer.
12. Where is your favourite holiday destination? Scotland, thanks to my Scottish roots. Can’t get enough of Edinburgh and all else over there. I even love haggis!
13. What is the most interesting historical fact you have researched?
Too many to count! Just this morning I came across a man called the Kentucky Giant who lived in the early 19th-century. He trained to be a horse jockey he was so small and then at age 17 he began to GROW. Neighbors would come to his house regularly to measure him. He eventually stood about 8 feet and his hand was 13 inches from wrist to middle finger. There are stories of him carrying small children in his palm. I hope to tuck him in one of my stories.
14. Do you have a favourite cartoon character?
Spongebob, thanks to my kids. What a crazy and original little sponge he is!
15. Are there any other languages, beside English, that you are able to speak, or wish to speak?
I love a Scots brogue or burr. My favorite language is French which I nearly failed in college and had to have a tutor to squeeze by. I love Latin, too, though it’s considered a dead language. I can speak a bit of German and Spanish but not well.



12 thoughts on “In The Spotlight ~ Author: Laura Frantz

  1. I’ve read each of your previous stand alone books, but none of this series. Hopefully I can find time and read them back to back!

    • Patty, Thank you for reading my Kentucky books. That means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy the Ballantynes just as much! It’s a great time to read them since this new one is releasing and you won’t have to wait in between. Thanks for taking time here and for being in the giveaway!

  2. Love your Ballantyne series! Are Silas and Eden going to make an appearance in the last book or have they already passed on? *loved their story so much!*. I also enjoy North and South, mostly because of Richard Armitage 🙂 I’ve even watched the recent Hobbit movie even though I’m not a fantasy fan just to see him—even if he is a dwarf! Fun interview, thanks!

    • Lis, LOVE your question ~ yes, Silas and Eden make more than an appearance in this last book though they’ve become antiques:) I hope you enjoy them despite time passing! I’m smiling because I was so very tempted to watch RA in The Hobbit for the reason you mentioned. I’m sure he was a handsome dwarf when all was said and done! At least his wonderful voice was intact, I guess.

      Thanks so much for being here:) You’re sure a bright spot!

  3. Hey Laura,

    Wow that is so cool that you got to live in a castle! Did you have to dress in fancy clothes and also did you get to eat with the queen?
    In 04 my family when to England and Scotland, oh it was just beautiful seeing all the old buildings and learning the history behind the building. The food was yummy too.

    I would love to read Loves Awakening, the cover of your books are beautiful.
    I took French too when I was in high school but the bad thing is that I can’t Speak it too or Spanish too.

    Keep up your beautiful writing

      • So glad to see you here and want to read LA:) Thanks so much for that. You sound as thrilled as I am about England and Scotland! Traveling there is such a treat! And I love the food, like you. Nothing bad about it!

        YES, I watched the first 2 seasons of Downton and really enjoyed it (my hubby, too). But I’m a bit behind and they’ve been losing characters right and left, lol. But I’m sure it’s just as interesting as ever.

        Thanks for being here and wanting to read. Really appreciate you!

  4. Brittany! Bless you for being here and taking time – a mom’s busy life has little room for it, I know! The best thing about these interviews is MY finding out about YOU and other readers:) It’s wonderful your son is so musical! The joy it brings a household can’t be measured (or the headaches, lol, on especially noisy days)! Seven years seems the magic age for fiddling/violin, I think. Hoping your son keeps making his music as it’s a ministry all its own.
    AND YES to the BBC and N&S. I feel a need to rewatch it thanks to those frequent Pinterest pins floating by, ever tempting.
    Thanks for your very gracious words and being such a support and inspiration. I feel so blessed!

  5. Thank you so much for this fascinating interview with Laura – I love learning new little “tidbits” about my fave Christian authors!! Laura is, hands down, one of the most masterful and inspirational Christian authors ever – I love her books and the characters stay with me long after I finish reading the book (the atrocities experienced by sweet little Eden in “Love’s Reckoning” almost “did me in” so to speak, LOL)!!

    I loved learning of the Kentucky Giant (I’m Ky. born and bred), know now another reason for Laura’s love of George Washington, applaud the idea of soundtracks to go along with Laura’s books (perhaps she can do a post on the soundtracks she listened while writing each book), and my intuition of her brilliance was reinforced with the knowledge of the various languages she speaks.

    Laura is just as sweet, loving, gracious, godly, and inspirational as her books are and is one of my fave Christian author friends. I did a reading marathon of her 5 books, one after the other, and am so joyfully anticipating the release of “Love’s Fortune”!! I am so grateful to her brother for convincing her to have her writing published (although I’m sure God had a lot to do with it too)!! Thank you, Laura, for heeding His call and blessing, encouraging, and inspiring us with the gift He gave you!!

    Post shared on Facebook!!

    • Dear Bonnie, Oh, a true joy to see you here! Ever faithful and gracious! If I’m one of your favorite authors, you are certainly one of my favorite readers:) Though we’ve never met, it “feels” like we have and we shall. I’m so glad you’re ready for Wren’s story. I’m busy behind the scenes prepping for her release and some surprises I hope readers enjoy. Not too much longer now…
      So appreciate your idea of a post of those soundtracks! I will plan on doing that. I’ve just found a recent one for my next 18th-c. story that my son was kind enough to download for me on my tiny ipod. If not for him, alas!
      It’s a joy to be here on Johanna’s beautiful blog celebrating the joy of books. I’m thankful you had a reading marathon of my novels, dear Bonnie. That goes so far in encouraging and inspiring me. THANK YOU for being here and for being you!!

  6. What a great interview! Laura, you know I love your books. 🙂 But I didn’t know we both loved the BBC North and South. Such a wonderful story and the BEST ENDING EVER! My son has also played the violin/fiddle since he was seven!!! He is 11 now and plays piano also…now has added clarinet and just picked up the mandolin…We have lots of music around our house! Blessings to you!

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