I’ve Been Nominated: The Sunshine Award

Come to think of it, it has been a while since I was last nominated an award!! I’m not saying that I missed out, but I am honoured to have Proverbs31Teen think of me and deem me deserving! Sometimes I wonder how many people actually read my posts, and are positively impacted by what God has to say to them. Winning this award puts this into perspective, I guess. So THANK YOU again Proverbs31Teen!!!

So, what do I have the pleasure in sharing with you and what do you have the pleasure of learning about me????…….

  • 5 Facts about myselfthesunshineaward
  • Answer Proverbs31Teen’s questions &
  • The Nomination of 5 other bloggers

5 Facts about Myself…..

1. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing
2. I am the oldest of 4 children
3. I drive a BMW (don’t worry – it’s 25 years old….)
4. I tutor children in grade 3 and year 9.
5. Currently, my favourite CD is Brave by Moriah Peters.

5 Questions from Provers31Teen…

1. You’ve got one day left of your life. What would you do? This is a hard question!!! I am really going to have to think about this one!!….uhhhh….hmmmmm…… I would spend all my money either by travelling, or buying books, clothes, CDs and things for the family and friends.
2. Pirates or ninjas, and why? Most definitely PIRATES!!! Have you not seen Pirates of the Caribbean?!?!?! They can be romantic, dare-devilish and the most hilarious people!!
3. If you were turned into one of the Avengers, which one would you be most like? Another hard question. Normally I look forward to answering these questions, but this is the second question I find challenging. To be honest, I have never seen the Avengers movie myself. BUT rest assured that I have seen Iron Man I & II, Thor and the start of Captain America. Judging from these movies, I would want to be Scarlett Johansen only because she’s pretty lol. All these sentences for that… I know…… sort of twisting the questions there, but oh well……
4. What are your top three favourite Bible Characters and why? I have always loved the story of Esther and you can probably guess why… I was given a book in grade 5 from Tommy Tenny that was all about her story. I loved it, despite it being part fiction. But the courage she had to follow God no matter what is inspiring!!
5. (I’m going to be evil, too) What is your favourite
I book?  Yes, this question is most definitely evil, but one I ask others, so it’s only fair that you all know my favourite book. Well, my favourite book is A Simple Mistake by Andrea Grigg. I have written a review on my blog, but let me simply tell you that it is one of the most heart-wrenching romances I have read. I am still on the hunt for a book as good as this!! I have come close, but none have outranked it!! Even my sister agrees, and she doesn’t like reading….

5 Questions for my Nominees…

1. Who is your favourite Christian music artist and what is their best CD?
2. What is your favourite book and why?
3. Do you have a favourite Psalm?
4. If you had to change your first name, what would you like to be called?
5. If you could throw a themed party, what would you chose?

& My 5 Nominees Are…
1. God’s Group
The Answer Is JESUS
3. Betty’s Verse of the DAY
4. Kindness Blog
5. Christian Blessings

Thanks again Proverbs31Teen for nominating me! I really appreciate it and knowing that people read and like my blog means SO much! God bless xox


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