Critical Care ~ Candace Calvert


The ending – the most annoying, happy, exciting, heart-warming, frustrating and bitter-sweet part. I hate yet love these moments. It’s why I read! And, after reading Critical Care, Candace Calvert has demonstrated that it’s possible to have these moments flow beautifully through the entire story. Can you believe it – reading a story that feels like it could end and feeling relief when you see that you have only read 20 pages. Needless to say that you can probably guess that I loved Critical Care.

Critical Care stands to its credentials – “Finally, a reason to turn off ER and Grey’s Anatomy. Here is a realistic medical drama with heart” Harry Kraus, MD. I love my medical dramas, especially Grey’s Anatomy of where I am up to Season 10 (I know, miles behind…). However for me, the most interesting aspect is the relationships and the social dimensions. It used to be the medical side; however it all just seemed to be repetitive. Not here – Not with Critical Care! There is nearly as much medical stuff as relationships. Studying Nursing at uni, I loved the medical aspects of things and really felt at home, comfortable and excited for all the things still coming my way! I just can’t wait to know all that knowledge…

Critical Care is what this story is about. Critical care regarding patients and their life-threatening emergencies. Critical care regarding the ER staff and the psychological implications of the situations they are confronted with. Critical care about needing God in your Life, and understanding the importance of incorporating him in your life as you can’t do it by yourself. Critical care in needing to face the past and move on.

Although only 287 pages, Candace weaves a beautiful story. The tension at the beginning, especially between Logan and Claire felt so real. Given that Candace has ER experience she knows exactly how people respond, behave and feel. This is also the reason as to why she can incorporate so many elements into the story, as we read about 3 different people and their relationships. At first I thought they were really insignificant, as all I cared about was Logan and Claire. However nearing the end it all made sense!! It all came together.

What I liked about the blurb was that it didn’t mention Logan to be divorced. Had this been the case I wouldn’t have bought the book, let alone read it because I believe that it takes the romance away, especially for the person who’s going to get married for the first time. However this time was different. Logan was hurting, vulnerable and behaved in a way that felt like his first marriage didn’t mean anything. This allowed the romance to be beautiful, heart-warming and tender, despite his ‘Mr McSnarly’ reputation. I loved reading about the other side of him and then watching the people wonder about his change of character. Everyone has a good and tender side…..

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