Trauma Plan – Candace Calvert

Trauma PlanThere’s just something exciting and intriguing about studying nursing at University and reading a medical fictional book. Not only do I think I understand some of the Jargon I hadn’t previously, the setting, people, roles – they just all seemed so normal and natural. What makes it even better is knowing that Candace has ER experience and knows how things are dealt with personally and professionally. I LOVED it!! Despite the thickness of the book (and that some parts seem like they’re useless – when later they’re not), I believe this is my favourite book of Calvert’s – but please know that I have only read 3, whose reviews you will find on my blog. What I admire the most about Candace’s characters is their traumatic and sad background. In this case it’s Jack Travis, who watched his girlfriend die and have the media portray him as the monster. I mean no wonder he joined the army and travelled around a lot – he just had nowhere to properly fit in. Chaplain Riley Hale was so sheltered and protected as a child due to experiences that occurred before her life time, that it not only made her scared, but rebellious, whose parents seemed to not understand her point of view. But regardless, she is constantly looking over her shoulder, and the accident that daily reminds her of the high possibility of her never returning to the ER scene just tears her up inside! Yet it is these experiences that Calvert uses to bring people together. It’s a way of bonding, and allowing readers to look into their soul, seeing them who they really are. This is what I love about reading! I love it how Travis has a clinic for those who are unable to afford health care. And I love it how he has such a heart for those who have nothing. In saying this I am thinking of Bandy, whose humble attitude unconsciously made me look at my future and the impact I could have as a nurse and the importance of showing love to anyone! This includes health care professionals, whose past you may not be overly aware of, and a name doesn’t hold the answer to everything! They are human as well, and after reading this book, I have a new appreciation for trauma chaplains and the way God can use Christians to bring hope, love and kindness!! Bold, reassured, captivating, feisty and hurting characters is what made this book, and is what ultimately kept me hooked – wondering how so and so are going to react next time they’re together. I recommend this book to anyone, even if you’re not the world’s biggest medical drama fan, because this book has something to teach everyone!

2 thoughts on “Trauma Plan – Candace Calvert

  1. I have yet to read any of her books because my library doesn’t have all of them. Thanks for your review now I’m looking forward to reading it! 🙂

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