GIVEAWAY Scavenger Hunt ~ Black Coat With A Silver Lining

Black Coat With A Silver LiningThe Association of Gospel Rescue Mission (AGRM) has been operating since the 1800s and is the shelter that inspired RSM in Elizabeth’s Yalian’s Black Coat with a Silver Lining. It is a mission that houses the hungry, homeless, abused and addicted, by giving glory to Jesus and His Name!! So, what do they do? They provide information, training, resources and relationships with ministry leaders. As expressed by Elizabeth Yalian, they offer business and educational opportunities to help the less fortunate get back on their feet; a second chance at life.

So, wanna know more about them? Want to earn yourself two (2) extra giveaway entries?? The scavenger hunt below will do just that….

1. What 4 R’s best describe the mission of Gospel Rescue?
2. Under the ‘Become a Member’ tab, what is the 5th reason given?
3. Under the same heading, is it true that members don’t undergo mission-specific training?

In the search tab in the left hand corner, type in ‘Springs Rescue Mission.

 4. What educational services does this mission offer?
5. Where is this mission situated?
6. What is the mission tagline?
Men, women and families benefit from this mission how?

 Click on the ‘Locate a Mission’ tab. Find a mission and write a short introductory paragraph about it.

All you have to do is answer the questions above in the comments section below.

I'd love to know what you are thinking ......

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