Book Review: Black Coat With A Silver Lining – Elizabeth Yalian

Black Coat With A Silver LiningNot only does Elizabeth have a way with words, but her message, God’s Message, of eternal life was perhaps even more powerful! Nick’s story was a great way to demonstrate God’s unconditional love to ALL people. Yes, that includes the homeless, the destitute, orphans and unloved. Although it is a work of fiction, Black Coat with a Silver Lining came across as reality; issues that can’t be ignored.

I had forgotten how strong my passion for the homeless was, especially older orphaned children who have been shipped off to many families, never feeling like they fit in. My strong passion and desire to help them ignited again whilst reading the eighth chapter. I

Elizabeth has definitely changed my view of the homeless as I typically view them in the manner the media portray them to be – druggies, helpless, robbers and lost souls. However reading Black Coat with a Silver Lining has taught me that these people are really a minority, and that the majority come from unloved backgrounds or just purely unfortunate events. I am forced yet encouraged to not judge them, but rather display sympathy and the love of Jesus, who loves them just as much as he loves us!!!

RATING: 5 Stars

For a while I have been threatening to write a memoir. Well, I finally did, but the funny thing is that it’s not my memoir. Though, of course, it has an awful lot of my heart and soul in it.

Nick’s story is sure to steal your heart as you immerse in the fictional memoir of a young man’s struggle with loss, tragedy, and heartache. Shattered by his current circumstances, Nick, a former foster child, feels estranged from the world around him, and is weary of living on the frigid streets. One evening, his dream of an Italian feast turns hopelessly sour. Nick then steals a car and believes he is in danger after suspecting the car owner may be a criminal. During a haunting and intense moment of inner conflict, Nick wrestles with what he has done, and is forced to face the path his homeless life has taken him. He determines to follow his conscience; a decision that sweeps him past a few twists, and into a new faith and a new life. Black Coat with a Silver Lining strives to raise the awareness of the heartbreak, stark hardship, and impoverished state that leads to homelessness; and the tragic dilemma some foster children face when they age out of the foster care system. The story includes a multitude of topics including: the life of an orphaned child, compassion, love, humanity, struggles, betrayal, family, abandonment, heartache, poverty, hunger, destitution, shame, feelings of alienation, self-bashing, foster care, faith, mentoring, God, grace, forgiveness, everlasting peace, The Bible, the carnage caused by self-centeredness and divorce, homelessness, missions, getting arrested, and going to jail. A group discussion guide is included at the end of the book.

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