Dear God, It’s Me & It’s Urgent – Marion Stroud

49f27-9781572932722RATING: 4.5 Stars

Wondering what life is like in the mind of a woman?? Well, Marion pretty much covers it all! She highlights and discusses the everyday worries, concerns, joys and issues women are confronted with. It really is a book of prayers for every season of a woman’s life. That’s what I like about this compilation of poems – not only do they describe the feelings and thoughts, but they include God!! Whether it’s asking for his strength, guidance, protection, wisdom or understanding, Stroud communicates the power of God in your life and that you can’t live life without him, especially if you wish to be an over-comer! However not all issues are that drastic! Some of them are there for encouragement, reminding us of the presence of God, especially when focusing on the typical attributes of a woman – love, caring, kindness….

After reading these poems, I walk away rejuvenated, encouraged and inspired to live the way God wants me to live. I have no doubt that that will happen with you too!

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