It’s Just You & Me, Lord

19th – 23rd  May 2014

Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance

is introducing

‘It’s Just You and Me Lord’ 
(Monarch Oct 13)By 

Marion Stroud
Bio ~ Marion Stroud has written 3 children’s books, and 23 non-fiction titles. She lives in Bedford UK the town in which John Bunyan wrote his famous Pilgrim’s Progress. She is a cross cultural trainer for Media Associates International [] which works to help Christian writers, editors and publishers write and publish culturally appropriate material in the ‘spiritually hard places’ of the world. You can contact Marion at
About the Book ~ Women are most likely to express their deepest thoughts to a trusted friend. At its best, prayer is simply that; a conversation with a friend who is never too tired, too busy or too pre-occupied to listen and respond.
From personal prayers to prayers about family,friends and the wider world, interweaved with Scripture and thought provoking quotes, this inspirational resource helps women of all ages to genuinely connect with God,and build and maintain a strong prayer life.
It's Just You & Me, LordMy Thoughts ~ What I love most about this book, is how applicable it was to my life, especially the stage I am at now. Being at Uni four days a week, followed by work and socializing, I find that my weeks just fly by! Reading Marion’s book allowed me to relax and think about the bigger picture, taking the focus away from me onto God and others!
Although Marion wrote the poems, I find myself having such a deep connection with them because of the way they’re written. And I am almost certain that you will feel the same way as she explores topics that are really applicable for women. Dealing with issues regarding marriage, the woman within, familial relationships and faith, it’s almost certain that you will identify with several areas.
The poems that I found to be the most encouraging and inspirational were the ones regarding the world. One such poem is called “Have You Given Some Thought To Your Food?” How often do we take our fortune for granted?! Having enough money to buy our groceries and more! How many of you also give some to charities, be it sponsoring a child, or donating to a cause that means something to you? I know that I really want to sponsor a child, however I never get quite there. Coming from the perspective of a caring and doting mother, she reflects, ponders and compares her situation with that of the baby, wondering how his parents bear it. Personally, I was challenged, moved to look at the world differently.
I really encourage you to pick up this book. Even if you find that life is just too busy as it is, take this book along with you on the train, bus or car, setting aside a maximum of 5 minutes. You will find that it will be time just between you and God, where He will use Marion’s words to impact you differently. They really are everyday prayers!

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