A Lady Like Sarah – Margaret Brownley (Book Review)


RATING: 4 Stars

“Love and Laughter in the Old West” ~ Margaret Brownley Being this the second book I have read of Brownley’s, I can say that she stays true to her motto!!

“You don’t understand. My dresses are designed for ladies“… “”If this ain’t a miracle! I’m a full-fledged lady!” “This dress is designed to be worn over three petticoats”… “Three? … I don’t own a single petticoat in my life,” she admitted. “Knowing you, you probably think this is some sort of divine interruption,” she said … “Intervention” [Justin] corrected. “Sarah, I’ve been around you long enough to know how to confuse words” [Justin Wells]

Get the picture? Normally I am hesitant on reading books with a preacher because I find that they are sometimes too stuck in their ways that they loose their humanness. However Justin Wells proved me wrong! As soon as he met Sarah, he was in love, allowing his human nature to shine through. This is something I love and Brownley did amazingly to establish his well-rounded character! I also love it that he didn’t have a faultless childhood. Instead his was filled with grief, just like Sarah. As you can probably tell, Sarah was by far a lady. Of course, this is all a facade caused be her disjointed upbringing. However the more she was around Justin, the more she began to show her true virtue. Despite their different views, Sarah and Justin fought like husband and wife. I believe this is hard for an author to establish and Brownley mastered it!! I couldn’t help myself smiling, laughing and sympathizing.

I hope that you too will be able to enjoy this adventure as much as me. As those of you who have already read Brownley’s books, I can only imagine that you agree with me 🙂

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