I’ve Been Nominated: The Shauny Award

Twenty-five days ago, I was nominated the Shauny Award from Blessedart1111 – Simply Life: Everyday Living Inspired By God. She has a beautiful blog full of encouragement and inspiration. I really hope you check it out!

So, what do I have to do to accept this award? Well nothing really. But how could I not say anything without saying THANKYOU to you fellow bloggers for encouraging, inspiring and uplifting me, either through just reading my posts, liking, commenting, following and visiting?! I pray that the Lord is using my blog for the furtherance of your kingdom and that you too are touched and blessed back!! Sometimes life gets super busy and you just forget the little and simple things in life, like reading the bible for 5 minutes, or just stopping and thinking, letting the world and life slip by. You know how relaxing this is?? I am thankful for this blog as it keeps me grounded, allowing me to never forget the presence of God and his eternal goodness, love and grace!! I pray that you too will experience this, and that my posts may plant a seed in your heart and life today…

The following blogs which I have nominated are for me a real blessing and encouragement to read! Their posts are refreshishaunyawardng and inspirational. (I know some of you may not accept awards, but I still wanted to acknowledge you. I have found that some of the most inspirational blogs happen to be those who don’t accept awards….)
 – A Safe Harbour Is Jesus
 – Maryhallrayford
 – Talkkindesstome
This Day With God
 – The Answer is JESUS
 – Kindness Blog
More to live Today
  Journey of Thankfulness
 – Pure Glory
 – A Friend of Jesus
 Christian Blessings
Brother Murf’s Corner
Poetry Cottage (last but NOT least…)

And, of course, to all the authors and special guests who have appeared on my blog! Thanks for making this experience an unforgettable one! God bless each and every one of you!!



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