Fragrance From The Spring – Liana Wendy Howarth

These review has been in the making for over 6 months! It’s not that the poems were a struggle to get through, it’s quite the opposite in fact!!! Liana wrote so beautifully that I wanted to digest everything! Such beauty I know I will savour for the rest of my life! I hope you enjoy this review and that you will get this book. I know that it will inspire, encourage and uplift you!! (sorry Liana that it has taken to long!)

FragranceFragrance From The Spring is a wonderful, refreshing, inspiring and encouraging collection of poems, written by Liana Wendy Howarth. This book is broken up into several sections, the first one being aimed at children, the second one about joy, compassion and hope, the next
and the second more inspirational. I have decided to write this review whilst reading the book because I want to accurately capture and convey all the details I want to, in the correct manner.
As what you normally do, you begin reading at the beginning of the book. So this is where I will start. Poetry is one of my favourite aspect of literature, especially when each poem has been analysed, as it is then that I am able to fully appreciate its beauty. Don’t worry, Liana’s aren’t that complex! However, her poems are easy to comprehend, allowing their beauty to really shine though. The few that I have read have really inspired and encouraged me. They highlighted Christian values, God’s love and principles that apply especially to children. One that comes to mind regards a child who is moving house again, further into the city and away from his old friends. The lesson learned is that things we may dread can be fun. But it all depends what we make of the situation. The other ones I wish to share are the first couple. The first one (Childhood Memories of England) regards the reflections of an adult on her childhood memories from England. The imagery is just amazing! I was captivated. The second one (Didn’t Get Much For Your Birthday….. Think Again) is a great reminder for children who still want more presents. Yet Liana reminds us that the beauty of the World is God’s gift to us which represent his “endless gifts to all”. This poem really hit home for me because it reminded me how much I really take life for granted and how easily I actually forget God, when his love and presents are surrounding me all day, I just don’t realise it. Quite frankly I felt ashamed, but I am thankful and blessed to have read it. Thanks Liana! Now, off to read a few more…..The other ones are just as good! With picture book perfection, Liana’s descriptions really bring the stories to life. With animals, ballet, lost kittens, toys, dreams, farms, zoos etc… I know Liana is able to engage children in her stories, no doubt about that! What I also love are the morals some of the poems have behind them, including the special gift of life, love and friendship. The thought provoking questions are also really cool as they include the readers, giving children a little secret.
Next up are the Poems of Joy, Compassion and Hope. These poems are really for a wide range of readers, beginning at high school students, unbelievers, to believers because they deal with relevant issues, being exams, the meaning of the cross and the perfect Lamb of God, and praise and glory to God!! How refreshing, encouraging and inspirational it is reading these poems. With scriptural references and indirect quotations, I felt truly blessed and uplifted.

What I love most about these poems, is that they speak and reveal God for who he is – His Grace, love, forgiveness. A Wounding Question reflects this beautifully, because it gently reminds us that God knows everything about us and will willingly hold us in time of comfort. But who will hold his? That is the question that gets to me because it reveals God’s goodness and depth of love which makes me want to humble myself and follow him with all my heart!!

This collection of poems really speaks to the heart and soul. In some cases it can even be read as a prayer. With beautiful imagery and analogies, Liana really touches the soul!! Reading this collection will leave you refreshed and with new energy for Christ!! Praise God for Liana’s gift that i hope all you will be able to experience!!

Make sure to visit Liana’s blog for more poems. They really are food for the soul!!


2 thoughts on “Fragrance From The Spring – Liana Wendy Howarth

  1. Dearest Johanna, I am truly blessed because of your sweet words and encouragement. You are a beautiful young woman of God and this shines through in all of your posts. Thank you once again for your prayers and friendship. I am glad that “Fragrance from the Spring” touched your heart and pray that it will touch many others, those in need of comfort, joy, peace … a touch from the Saviour xxx

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