Weekly Teasers (5) – Answers

I don’t know about you, but I found these riddles rather funny and clever 🙂

1) You are in a place called Jack’s World and there is only one law. There is a mirror, but no reflection. There is pizza with cheese, but not sausage. There is pepper, but no salt. There is a door, yet no entrance or exit. What is the law? ANSWER: EVERY WORD IN THE LAW HAD TO HAVE DOUBLE LETTERS 😛brain teasers

2) Without it, I’m dead. If I’m not, then then I’m behind. What am I? ANSWER:AHEAD

3) What types of words are these: madam, civic, eye, level? ANSWER PALINDROMES (the yread the same both ways)

4) You can hold it without using your hands or arms. What is it? ANSWER: YOUR BREATH

5) I go all around the world but I still stay in a corner. Who am I? ANSWER: A POSTAGE STAMP

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