Dawn Comes Early – Margaret Brownley

Dawn Comes EarlyRATING: 4.5 Stars

Romance, humour it had it all!! Margaret Brownley has woven such an engaging story, that in my desperate need of finding a good story, I finally succeeded.

“an absolute delight. I spent the whole book reading with a grin on my face” ~ Mary Connealy I couldn’t agree more!! It’s pretty much what I did 😀

Ruckus, Stretch, Feedbag, Wishbone, Moose, Upbeat, O.T … they’re just a few of the “barn names” Brownley gave Ms Walker’s ranch hands. But wait, it gets better!! Want to know the “barn name God was given? The Forever Man. Ruckus explained it like this: “We all have our barn names. So why not God?” The meaning behind this name is that God is forever, eternal. This might be better understood through Ms Walker’s analogy: “Nothing in this world is permanent except for land. It will always he there for you.” Except we all know that God is included. I loved the Christian message through this book. It gave the book such deeper meaning and I loved Ruckus’s evangelism, so to speak. He was so insightful I felt refreshed.

“He led her up to the barn. ‘ Mexican or Western?’ he asked. She glanced at his profile. Was he joking? Mexican? With her blond hair? “I’m American,” she said with more than a little patriotic pride. “Born and raised in Boston.” God Give me strength,” he muttered… I’m talking about saddles.” … “So what saddle do you use? He rolled his eyes. “Don’t tell me it was English.” ‘Dawn Comes Early’ is full of this humour. My favourite one though is where she ropes a horse accidentally from behind her. If only I could find it for you, I would describe it. Bottom line – the humour is great!! There is also one later on regarding Luke’s aunties, where they read Kate’s disgraced book and try to woe their husbands. My goodness, I couldn’t stop laughing over this one!!! Of course, most of these humourous incidents allowed Kate to be rescued by Luke. Oh, they make such a cute couple!! Their first kiss is heartbreaking. I know that doesn’t normally go together, however in order to become heiress of the ranch, Kate isn’t allowed to marry. Kate and Luke have such attraction and passion I can only hope to find a man who has the same effect on me 😛 Kate, being educated and all, proves to be a big hurdle for Luke, who asks his brother for sophisticated ways of saying “I love you”. I mean, whatever he was told is better than “I fancy you” or “I have a hankering for you”. Kate is very vulnerable as all the guys who have entered her life left. Similarly, the last serious relationship Luke had ended with his broken heart.

I hope I have managed to convince you to read this book, because you simply have to!! All the other previous potential heiresses hadn’t lasted longer than 3 weeks, max, and that was someone with ranching experience! Kate had none. Be prepared to embark on a highly entertaining journey!!

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