Weekly Teasers (4) Answers

I was excited to see more people attempting these brain teasers.

1) A man and his son were in an car accident. The man died on the way to the hospital, but the boy was rushed into surgery. The surgeon said “I can’t operate, that’s my son!” How is this possible? ANSWER: THE SURGEON WAS HIS MOTHER.brain teasers

2) If you took 5 chocolates from a box which contained 21 chocolates, how many chocolates would you have? ANSWER: 5 CHOCOLATES

3) How many times can you subtract the number two from the number fifty? ANSWER: ONCE BECAUSE AFTER THAT YOU WILL BE SUBTRACTING IT FROM 48, 46 etc…

4) What’s full of holes but can still hold water? ANSWER: A SPONGE

5) Can you think of a common word that contains double C, double S and double L? Can you think of a second one? ANSWER: SUCCESSFULLY & UNSUCCESSFULLY

4 thoughts on “Weekly Teasers (4) Answers

  1. We all need to rearrange the way we perceive life. Out of habit and tradition we resolve the problems. The central theme of Jesus was to provide a different way to observe life. Thanks for your teasers or invitations to not be so quick to use the old paradigm. God is at work in your life. Thanks again.

    • I really like your comment!! It has made me think about life differently and it is really refreshing!! Thanks for the blessing and encouragement 🙂 Life really is this big problem which we solve by the choices we make. Like this big maze….

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