Weekly Teasers (4)

This might sound strange, but I am thrilled and encouraged to see you guys answer these over the last few weeks. Here are this week’s ones: brain teasers

1) A man and his son were in an car accident. The man died on the way to the hospital, but the boy was rushed into surgery. The surgeon said “I can’t operate, that’s my son!” How is this possible?

2) If you took 5 chocolates from a box which contained 21 chocolates, how many chocolates would you have?

3) How many times can you subtract the number two from the number fifty?

4) What’s full of holes but can still hold water?

5) Can you think of a common word that contains double C, double S and double L? Can you think of a second one?

Have fun πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see your answers…..

(The answers to last week’s teasers you will find here)

8 thoughts on “Weekly Teasers (4)

    • Yay! You got them all right πŸ™‚ Thrilled for you and I hope you had fun answering them! As for this week’s ones, I hope they aren’t too challenging for you, but I may end up posting hints later in the week depending if people were able to guess any.

  1. Good ones!
    The first one my kids have heard before and love to ask me: the surgeon is the mother πŸ™‚
    2. I can see two answers to this: 21 – you still have the whole box. Or 5 because that’s all you have in your hand.
    3. only once πŸ™‚
    4. a person? I know I’ve heard this one before, but for the life of me I cannot think of it!!
    5. you got me this time. I cannot think of it. I’m sure once you post it I’ll go DUH.

    • Haha I’m glad you enjoyed these ones πŸ™‚ Not sure what you are going to say about this week’s, but I hope some are going to give them a try. I found the questions really clever and I just know that once I reveal the answers, the common reaction will be “Oh, of course”.
      Haha that’s so cool πŸ™‚ That is probably my favourite one for this week. For number 2 it was 5, and yes, only once for three πŸ˜€ Haha yeah, number 4 is a sponge and 5 is …. wait for it: successfully and unsuccessfully πŸ˜€ But don’t kick yourself too much…

  2. 1. The surgeon is the mother of the boy?
    2. 5
    3. As many times as you want? If you subtract 2 from 50, its no longer 50 anymore, it will be 48?
    4. A sponge?
    5. Unsuccessfully; and REALLY can’t think of another

    • Well, despite this week’s ones being a little difficult, You got all of the ones you guessed right, as you probably already saw. Congratulations πŸ™‚
      For this week’s ones, I may reveal some hints later this week if people are still having trouble guessing them. Stay tuned…

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