Book Review: Falling For The Farmer – Narelle Atkins

cd4c2-fftfWhat’s not to love about a runaway bride story? They always produce one of the most vulnerable, precious and heart-warming romance adventures I know. And to be hooked with this one, all I needed to do was read the first page! The secrecy as to why she “had to escape now” had me intrigued, although when I found out what it was I was a little disappointed as it wasn’t as dramatic as what I would have liked. Nonetheless, it obviously meant something to her though, enough for her to escape.
The story was really about the romance, her sorting out her financial problems and her misunderstanding with her mother. I believe these aspects were a great way to introduce the unconditional love and grace of Jesus, and that he really cares about us, who we are. After all, he did create us in our own image. They also added great depth to the story, giving it meaning and structure. I believe that is hard to achieve given the limited amount of pages used to write Falling for the Farmer.
Narelle gave each character great personality and depth, so much so that I felt connected. I did feel however, that the first half of the book was a little broken and rushed. Events that were supposed to bind Jack and Kate together were mentioned and then either briefly discussed or completely skipped, leaving it up to the reader’s imagination as to what happened. The chemistry seemed a little awkward at times as I wasn’t able to  experience the whole bonding process, yet I could tell that they belonged together, and were perfect for each other.
Put that aside, and you have a nice, sweet story. I look forward to reading Narelle’s other books in the near future.

RATING: 3.4/4 Stars

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