ACRBA – Ray Hawkins: From Eden With Love

108ba-fromedenwithlovelarge_fmtNow, before you ask if I am married or am in a relationship, let me answer this for you: No, I am not. I just thought you would like to know, as I am not as knowledgeable as some (most) of you. I had a hunch that this devotional was going to be about marriage, but I wasn’t quite sure. The other devotional by Hawkins was really good and so I couldn’t just let this one pass. Who knows, maybe the stuff I learnt will come in handy one day 😉 And learn stuff I did!
The section that resonated with me was the beginning. Hawkins gave some great metaphors and comparisons with the Garden of Eden and our relationship with God. Ever been confused or never really understood what is meant by being Brides of Christ or with Jesus being the second Adam? Well Hawkins will give this greater meaning, whilst adding greater depth and appreciation to marriages form a biblical point of view. I know I see it as a true gift from heaven, sacred.
Hawkins also explores the ideals of marriage, the elements associated with it – love, self-control, patience … you get the picture?

I hope all you married couples are able to read this book. Yes, this means you guys as well! I can guarantee that both partners will benefit from this.

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