Book Review: At Every Turn – Anne Mateer

Anne Mateer At Every TurnRATING: 4 Stars

What a great angle of a story line: female racing cars. It is this aspect that drew to the book because it strays from the traditional romance novels. It was an easy going read, however there is definitely much to learn from it.

Mateer did a great job defining Alyce Benton as a character. Despite being privileged and having access to thousands of dollars through her father, she tries to distance herself from that image and help the less fortunate. It is this aspect that really stirred my heart. How often do we support missionaries? Speaking for myself here, not a lot. How enthusiastic and passionate are we to share the gospel with unbelievers? I used to have this burning passion when I was younger, but unfortunately the excitement wavered. Yet for Alyce, this was her driving force in life – helping the misfortunate. Her generous heart definitely stirred mine, directing me towards the path of serving God wholeheartedly, not worrying about finances. What a great challenge!

Unfortunately there was not a lot of romance. It was obvious though, who Alyce loved, but I would have loved to see greater development in the relationship. Webster is much like Alyce, if not exactly the same. His passion to share the gospel is what drives his live, giving him purpose and ambition. Yet Webster is also very private, which was understandable. However near the end of the book, Alyce walks away from Webster because of his inability to be open with her. I was hoping this would be resolved in a stricter manner to help form the basis of their relationship, however there was nothing of that. Nonetheless, Mateer’s descriptions still had a way of moving my heart.
Trotter played a great role, one of infuriating readers. Before Mateer mentioned his deceitful ways, it was displayed through his shifty character. Alyce’s naivety was also frustrating because she failed to see it

So, as you can see, this book’s appeal came from elsewhere, which is not a bad thing! It’s just that if you are looking for romance, this is probably not the book for you. At Every Turn deals more about the Christian heart, giving and finding the purpose God has given you to glorify Him and further His Kingdom.

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