Book Review: A Bride For Keeps

A Bride For KeepsRATING: 5 Stars
My Thoughts ~
I needed a romantic fix, and that is exactly what I got. Tender heart-breaking romance from characters with so much soul, I was literally transported into their world. I was so oblivious to the world around me it was great!!!  This is the first book of Jagears that I have read, and it will most definitely NOT be the last. Her character developments and highly engaging way of writing will definitely have you hooked. You may have to bear with me here as I wish to tell you ALL about my favourite aspects…..

It is, of course, all about the romance, so that is where I wish to begin. If only I had the correct words to describe what the adventure felt like!! Because Jagears brought Everett and Julia to life, their situations and crises seemed so real! Everett has such a tender and caring heart even I fell for him. His past rejections from past ‘mail-order brides’ really cut down deep, but thankfully it didn’t completely shatter his beautiful personality!! Enter Julia. Scared, frightened, fearful and all alone, yet very outspoken and confident, she does her best to distance herself from Everett, trying to stay as unattached as possible to prevent being hurt. Oh, how hard she tries to get Everett’s approval and appreciation, little does she know that she is only hurting him more and vice versa. Everett shuns her out because he is afraid that if he lets his heart go it will only come back broken and shattered. Keep in mind though, that Julia has only been known and appreciated for her beautiful appearance, not for who she is. Of course, Everett is not immune to her charms. Everett and Julia are both so vulnerable, quite, determined and sweet spirited they are more than perfect for each other. So you can probably just imagine that Jagears wrote such a heart tugging romance. The kisses were amazing, ‘tender’ and ‘sweet’, I couldn’t help being Julia 😉 I loved it how they both tried to please each other through deeds and were frustrated when it didn’t work. There is a crisis in the book, and the way Everett tends to Julia makes you feel really cherished. His faith only strengthened my attraction to him as it was so genuine. I only hope to find a guy as good as him, who will love me no matter what!!

I also loved Rachel, the heroine of the first book Love by the Letter. She brings the humour and liveliness into the story. I love the way Julia and Everett confide in her and how she helps them. Apart from Everett and Julia, she is my favourite character. Her husband, Dex, is also extremely likeable. There is one moment in the book where you cannot help but laugh at what he says in reply to Everett’s serious dilemma.

Brush all your Mail-Order Bride criticism aside! This book will NOT disappoint. I must confess, at the beginning I was very cautious about buying this book and asked several fellow bloggers about their opinions. Am I just glad I listened and didn’t leave this book behind. It is a journey I know I will read again!! Don’t be afraid. Pick it up ASAP!!


To find out more about Melissa Jagears, follow the link to her website:

Her first book Love by the Letter is available for FREE!!!

11 thoughts on “Book Review: A Bride For Keeps

    • I LOVED IT!!! I got it for Christmas and it was finished that night 😛 Couldn’t stop thinking about it….Thanks for your recommendation. Have you happened to have read Gunpowder Tea? That is the other book I’ve been contemplating of reading and buying. What are your thoughts?

      • Sounds like me! It was a perfect page-turner.

        Re “Gunpowder Tea” – I wasn’t a very big fan of it, but you might like it. It’s been a few weeks since I read it but IIRC there wasn’t as much action as I would have liked and there were some sappy details.

        “Gunpowder Tea” was available through BookSneeze not too long ago, it might still be.

      • excited to know I can come to someone when it comes to book advice 😀
        Ok, I might just borrow it first and then buy it if I like it. Thanks for your advice…
        Cool, thanks 🙂

  1. Great – I have this on my kindle – I’ll bump it up my reading list 🙂 Thanks for sharing your review. We seem to have the same taste in books 🙂

      • Just read ‘The Beloved Daughter’ by Alana Terry over the past two nights. Gripping read and very inspiring, although very sad. Also, ‘When Courage Calls’ – new from Janette Oke – will post my review soon 🙂

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