Movie Review – Unconditional


This is a movie I have been recommended to watch by Debbie. Unfortunately, because I live in Australia, things are delayed and can be for quite some time. So, for Christmas from youth group I got this movie… and I watched it straight away! Christian movies have this unfortunate stigma. However this movie thankfully doesn’t fit that bracket!
Unconditional is a down right moving story! Samantha Crawford’s life drastically changes the night her husband was killed. Wanting to take matters into her own hands, Sam comes across her old primary school friend Joe, who brings her back to God. Sam discovers a new purpose in life, and finds peace when she finds the truth about the night her husband was senselessly killed.
Now, it is not often that I cry in movies, however I must confess that in this movie I did. I love the connection of Sam’s story of the Firebird because it demonstrates God’s unconditional love for his people and that he wants to bring us into the light.

I highly recommend this movie and therefore give it 5/5 stars. I promise that you will not be let down, rather be transformed and inspired.

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