Book Review: A New Resolution – Rose Dee

1c75c-beyondRATING: 4 Stars

My Thoughts ~

This is the first book of Rose Dee’s that I have read, and I was really looking forward to it. And, can I say, I was not disappointed. Dee crafted such a lovely story I had trouble staying away from it.

I love the fact that it was set in Queensland, and I believe Dee did an amazing job at capturing its beauty. The people, carefree lifestyle and the culture was so well preserved. I am used to reading mostly Americanised books, but please don’t think that I don’t like it. Never having been to America, I am allowed to really use my imagination 🙂 However I found the setting in A New Resolution really refreshing.

The romance was great! However I found it at times a little too physical, which put me off a couple times. But this put aside, I loved reading about Nate and Anika’s relationship. It was clear from the beginning that Nate and Anika were attracted to each other. What made it even more exciting, was the realistic manner in which they pursued their growing attraction. By this I mean resilience and ignorance iced with fear of being heartbroken again (Anika). Nate added a little fantasy to the plot, being the wealthy prince charming who is trying to sort out which path his life is to take. But it is not all as what is appears to be…..

All of these aspects combined are really applicable for non-Christian readers. This contemporary setting and storyline is ideal for communicating that God forgives all those who ask for His forgiveness and lean on Him for guidance and protection. All that is needed is a little bit of faith.

Have a non-Christian friend who loves reading? Then I believe this is the perfect introduction to the nature of Christ.

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