Getting ‘Unstuck’

accept-gods-forgiveness-in-faith_thumb“… He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

Icy winters tend to bring multiple pile-ups with cars in snow-filled ditches waiting for tow trucks to rescue them. The drivers have different reactions. Some surrender to feelings of being powerless, others get frustrated and deepen the rut they’re in. But the wise think rationally of steps they can take. In life, getting stuck isn’t always an option; but staying stuck is! God news: no matter how long you’ve been stuck, the right attitude can get you moving again. So here are some attitude changes: (1) Forgiveness. The guilt that follows failure can immobilise you long-term, but forgiveness liberates you- freeing up your energy and creativity. Forgiveness is two-dimensional: First, you must receive God’s forgiveness for your failures. Things you’ve done: betrayal, angry words, dishonesty, broken promises etc. Things you haven’t done: love unexpressed, responsibility avoided, a child, parent or spouse neglected, the truth withheld. Heartfelt confession always brings God’s forgiveness! (1 John 1:9) Second, you must forgive those who’ve failed you – parents, siblings, children, bosses, spouses, friends, enemies etc. Severing the chains to your past restores your options for the future. (2) Faith. When you’ve been stuck for a long time, forward momentum can seem impossible. You lack direction, energy and confidence. What to do? Getting traction requires a willingness to act in spite of your feelings. God calls this ‘faith’ and He always responds to it! ‘He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.’ When you cat like you believe, God will reward your faith – and the feeling of faith will follow your action!

*The Word for Today is published by UCB Australia. A free introductory copy of the devotional may be obtained from UCB Australia; 1800 00 777 0 or*

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