The Doctor’s Lady

Hi guys!
I don’t normally plan on reblogging my posts, however because the first review I had of The Doctor’s Lady didn’t make it justice, I thought I would read it again and write another one up. Enjoy 🙂


RATING: 5 Stars
Romance novels where two individuals are forced to marry because the union will benefit both people are novels that I love to read. I believe that Jody Hedlund has done an amazing job with this aspect in her story The Doctor’s Lady.

Priscilla White believes she’ll never be a wife or a mother because she feels God is calling her to the mission field in India. Dr. Eli Ernest has just returned from the mission field in Oregon Country, hoping to soon return after raising awareness of missions to the natives before heading back out. However one thing stands in the way of both of them- the mission board had decided not to send out unmarried men and women. Eli and Priscilla agree to marry each other, in name only, and head out into the mission field, however little do they know what God has planned for…

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