Shattered Q&A (Dani Pettrey)

123Untitled 1. Tell me about Shattered. Where did your inspiration come from?
The inspiration behind Shattered was twofold. The idea for the mystery came from a passing
comment a friend of mine made about her son, but I can’t go into detail about that without
giving away too much. The idea for the backdrop of the Midnight Sun Tournament was
inspired by my love for Winter X Games. My family and I have followed X Games for years. We
particularly enjoy the winter games, as my daughter loves snowboarding. Our favorite athlete
is Kelly Clark. A two-time Olympic medalist, Kelly has dominated X Games the past two years,
taking home Gold. She’s an amazing athlete, a Christian, and a philanthropist. I thought it
would be fun and intriguing to write about two adventure athletes and show a glimpse into their
adrenaline-filled world.

2. Your stories hold a lot of adventure. What is it about adventure that intrigues you so?
I love reading about adventure athletes and writing about them because it’s exhilarating to live
vicariously through someone who performs feats we most likely would never attempt; to witness
someone bolder than us stare straight into the face of fear and danger, and defy it. Journeying
alongside characters of that substance makes me long to be bolder, braver, and to live more fully.

3. What is the underlying theme/message of Shattered?
Actually, I think a recent review says it best:
I liked the message that people can change through the transforming power of Christ! Even the
greatest of sinners. We’re also reminded that being a Christian doesn’t make our journey easy, in
fact, it probably won’t be, but you can have the confidence that it will be filled with purpose and at
its end an eternal paradise. That’s hope!
—Sherry Kuhn of

4. The action in Shattered takes place in multiple locations, including British Columbia.
Have you ever been there?

I have not, but I love researching new places, and I adore traveling. Each book I write inevitably
adds another destination to my travel wish list.

5. Your website includes a lot of fun story “extras” for your debut novel, Submerged. Do you
have similar story “extras” planned for Shattered?

Absolutely! I’m very excited to announce that I will have a story playlist and Shattered Pinterest
board going up just prior to Shattered’s release. The playlist is a compilation of songs that really
spoke to the heart of Piper and Landon, and the journey of their story. And the Pinterest board
will give readers a visual landscape of Shattered. I’m very excited about being able to share both
with my readers. And, of course, Piper loves her hot chocolate and coffee drinks, just like me, so
there will be a number of yummy recipes for readers to try.

Source: Make sure to visit her website!! There are lots of cool things to find and read about!!
Thanks Dani for letting me post this!!!

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