Safe In His Arms – Colleen Coble

Safe in His Arms RATING: 4.5 Stars

Blurb ~
Margaret O’Brien prides herself on her competence as a rancher. But her father believes she’s made for more than just dawn-to-dusk work. He wants her to raise children. Margaret is convinced no man would have her and the ranch is her life. When Margret’s father hires Daniel Cutler as a foreman, she’s frustrated and suspicious. When an overheard conversation links him with a gang of bank robbers, she’s downright worried. Daniel swears he’s not involved, but Margret’s not convinced. She knows the man still has secrets. But would a criminal be so kind and talk so convincingly of his faith?

My Thoughts ~
Colleen Coble’s second installment of her Under Texas Stars series is again one of her master pieces that really highlights her talent as an author. What I love most about her writing is that once you get into the story, there are layers and layers of twists that unexpectedly unravel. The blurb only tells half of the story, the superficial elements that are the driving force of the story. This made the reading even more interesting and hard to put down.
Coble is also a master story teller in regards to developing heart-warming romance novels. Right from Margret and Daniel’s first encounters, the chemistry was already flying, giving the indication that they really belong together, supported by the numerous intimate moments.
Initially I didn’t really want to read this story because Margret was my least favourite character in the first novel Blue Moon Promise for she interfered with Lucy and Nate’s relationship. However reading this novel gave me the understanding needed to respect Margret and like her for who she is: the strong, determined and independent public appearance and the rather fragile and lonely person inside. This gave her relationship with Daniel more meaning.
Coble does an excellent job in disguising character’s real profiles. Although I was alert this time around and knew the difference between the good guys and the bad guys, Coble did an excellent job in keeping it mysterious. But now having finished the novel, the links were quite clear. But most of the characters are not what they seem, especially ones who don’t really have any significance, until the end of the novel.
One of the most beneficial reminders was about God’s unconditional love. This was an aspect Margret struggled with because she always deemed herself worthless and meaningless. I know that I too feel that way. However God made us for a reason and no matter what we do with our live, the moment we turn to Christ and accept him as our Lord and Savior, all is forgiven. No strings attached. Coble perfectly illustrates this through Daniel and his brother Charlie, as well as Margret for she has to learn to accept it.
For you Colleen Coble fans, this is a story that must be read. Although out of this series Blue Moon Promise is still my favourite, this novel won’t disappoint regarding romance, and as a really good mystery/suspense read!!

3 thoughts on “Safe In His Arms – Colleen Coble

  1. Always enjoy Colleen’s novels but after reading book one in this re-printed series (which wasn’t a favorite), I’ve not read this one. Have you read her latest series, her contemporary “beach” novels?

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