Movie Review: Hardflip

HardflipPoster Rating: 3.5/4 Stars

From the Cover ~
Teenager Caleb Jones (Randy Wayne, To Save A Life) goes skateboarding. With no father in his life to guide him, and his mother working two jobs to make ends meet, Caleb believes nothing matters in life but becoming a sponsored skater to get him away from all his troubles. When his mother falls ill, Caleb is forced to deal with her illness and his lack of responsibility. Now on his own, he stumbles upon some old love letters and sets out to find the father he never knew.

Hurt and angry, Caleb reluctantly contacts his father Jack (John Schneider, October Baby), who happens to have lived in the next town over from him his entire life. Caleb’s only real friend, a mentally ill and homeless street preacher named Ralph, speaks nuggets of Truth through God’s Word, guiding Caleb along his journey. Through the tragedy of his mother’s illness and the sudden appearance of the father he never knew, Caleb learns to be the man his mother always prayed he’d become. Hardflip is a story of what can happen when we let go of our anger and pain and are willing to forgive those who’ve hurt us most, just as God forgives us. Koorong

My Thoughts ~
Fter having watched To Save A Life and naming it one of the best Christian movies, I looked forward to watching this movie, mainly because of Randy Wayne 🙂 Not only is his acting really believable but he is also good looking, if I’m allowed to say so?? 🙂

Sadly though, this movie didn’t strike me a a well cut movie. Some of the acting was ok and was brought up a great deal through Wayne and John Schneider (October Baby), who for me were the highlight. However, just like some of the Christian Movies out there, it could be at times a little awkward to watch and some scenes seemed to be too abrupt and wierd, disrupting the flow of the film.

Despite that though, I found the message to be really thought provoking and encouraging. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Caleb, having lived without a father for all of his life. Focusing on this aspect alone, the movie is a real winner. I watched it with our youth group last night, thinking that it is going to be a youth sort of film, based on the skateboarding. But thinking about it, I suppose it could be classed as a semi-family movie. Based on this aspect, I really recommend watching this film because it definately highlights what kind of reality some kids have out there, especially the ones without God. Certainly a prayer point.

If you have seen this movie, I would love to hear what you thought about it. Comment whatever comes to mind 🙂 I hope my review wasn’t too harsh!?! Placing all the acting aside, this proves to be a really inspirational movie.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Hardflip

  1. No Johanna, I don’t think your review was too harsh. I haven’t seen the movie, but I get your meaning. Christian movies could do with better acting. Thankfully, the message always makes it worth it. And yeah, you are …ahem … very much allowed to say what you said *winking*.

    Will check out this movie some time soon.

    Well done!

    • Again, thanks for the reassurance!! I feel so bad saying all that about Christian Movies, but let’s hope that they will gradually get better. Fortunately though, some are, like October Baby or To Save A Life. Any ones you recommend??

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