Against The Tide – Elizabeth Camden

against-tide-elizabeth-camden-paperback-cover-artRATING: 4.5 Stars

After many months of wanting to read this book and the constant imaginings I had of what the story could be about, I too have finally bought this book. I can confidently say that it was thoroughly enjoyable where I was captured from the beginning, the first few pages of the novel.

After a childhood rampant with uncertainty, Lydia Pallas has carved out a perfect life for herself. She spends her days within sight of the bustling Boston Harbour, where her skill with languages has landed her an enviable position as a translator for the U.S. Navy.
Lydia’s talents bring her to the attention of Alexander Banebridge, a mysterious man in need of a translator. Driven by campaign to end the opium trade, Bane is coolly analytical and relentless in his quest. He cannot afford to fall for Lydia and must fight the bittersweet love growing between them.
When Bane’s enemies gain the upper hand, he is forced to turn to Lydia for help. Determined to prove her worth, Lydia soon discovers that carrying Bane’s mission will test her wits and her courage to the very limits.
When forces conspire against them from without and within, can their love survive?

I have never actually finished reading any book of Camden’s before, although I have started reading one. So it is safe to say I had no idea what to expect. And my speculations certainly could never have lived up to the standards of this amazingly crafted story that is just brimmed with suspense, romance and history I had no idea about.

Bane and Lydia hadn’t even met yet and their attraction for each other was evident. With Bane’s annoying and flirtatious nature and Lydia’s perfect and need for control, it was clear from the beginning that this is going to be a relationship enjoyable to watch, which it was. As the story progressed it was clear that they were a match made in heaven, completely perfect for each other. When times got tough, the care Bane bestowed upon Lydia was just something able to be dreamed of. However strangely enough it wasn’t my highlight of the novel.
What really captured my attention with this novel was the history Camden revealed about the opium trade and how powerful it was, as well as the dangers taken to prevent there sales, or the struggle that is needed to overcome its addiction. I loved how Camden made this the focal point of the novel, which was followed by the dangers Bane and Lydia had to embark for the general good of everyone.

Camden also wrote the book in such an interesting manner that I felt I got to know Lydia and Bane in a personal way. Although at the beginning the first couple chapters were about their childhoods and I kept on thinking “What is this going to be good for?”, it paid off in the end (as it always does!!) because it gave me an understanding of what shaped them to be the person they are today, where sympathy was especially evoked for Lydia.

Overall I just love the rich information this novel provided and I can definitely see myself reading it in the future!! Thanks to godrox1997 ( for recommending me this book quite a while ago!! Without you I wouldn’t have even stumbled across it. For those interested in a history lesson regarding the opium trade of America in the 1800s, then I highly recommend this novel, especially if you also enjoy your romances.

12 thoughts on “Against The Tide – Elizabeth Camden

  1. This novel was BEAUTIFUL! Glad you found it compelling also. Part of what made it so was the hero who was once a lost villain as well as Lydia’s scars. Camden has talent.

    Loved her debut (it was sweet with a ‘North & South’ storyline); felt ho-hum about ‘Winslow Street’ so obviously I was skeptical about this book – glad she proved me wrong! Now to read Elizabeth’s newest book. CANNOT. WAIT.

    • I know!! It is definately one of the most historically rich books I’ve read! I was so blown away!
      Have to agree with you on that one- Bane is certainly adorable in a lot of different ways.
      I was in the same shoes as you- glad however that I enjoyed the book.
      Will hopefully buy her next novel ASAP!!!

  2. You make the book sound interesting, though I’m curious to know why you’ve never finished any of Camden’s books before. Is she not a great writer?

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