Like Dandelion Dust – Movie Review


RATING: 5 Stars
This would have to be one of the most heart breaking Christian movies I have seen!! However after seeing the trailer for ‘Unconditional’ this statement will probably soon change, once I’ve actually seen the movie.

Based on the bestselling book by Karen Kingsbury, the movie tells the story of Wendy and Rip Porter who are fighting to regain custody of their son Joey, who Wendy had to adopt out while Rip first went into custody seven years ago. But when Joey’s adoptive parents find out, they do everything in their strength to ensure he stays in the only home he has ever known.

This story is heart breaking in so many ways!! Firstly, because Wendy is such a caring and gentle person that all sympathy is directed towards her when the audience witness the abusive husband she has married, whom she loves yet finds highly burdensome. All that she wants is to meet her son, and she will do anything to have a look at him and tell him that she is his mother. However she will not let any harm go his way for what she ultimately wishes is what is best for him. Yet that said, the adoptive parents also gain sympathy because they are suddenly confronted with the reality that their son may soon be ripped out from under them for good. Although they did have the ability to greatly frustrate me, my heart still went out to them because I myself wish to one day adopt and I could so easily be in that situation. Thirdly, comes Joey’s perspective who we witness as being driven back and forth between both homes and is slowly realising what his future might hold, frightening his greatly.

But the most moving part of the whole movie is the ending! My heart completely goes out to Wendy and wish that life would be better for her.

Starring many great actors, such as Mira Sorvino, Kate Levering, Cole Hauser and Barry Pepper, this movie will (guaranteed) have your emotions going crazy. Although it is heavy on the heart, I greatly and highly recommend it.

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