Shattered – Dani Pettrey

ShatteredRATING: 4.5 Stars
Tomorrow the book is due in at the library. I knew that I wanted to read it, but I also didn’t at the same time. However I knew that this was the time to read it. And how thankful I am that I did! I had no idea that I would enjoy it like I have. Pettrey made the story flow beautifully, bringing the characters alive.

Piper is so easy to admire and I am glad this novel was about her. Her faith in her prodigal brother, Reef McKenna, when he was arrested for the murder of Karli, was all she needed to motivate her in finding the truth. She knew Reef was innocent. She just needed to prove it.
Deputy Landon Grainger has joined the police force because he is sworn to reveal the truth in every case that stumbled his way. Simply relying on instinct is no longer good enough. Only this case won’t be easy. He loves the McKenna family and his decision has the power to tear them apart, especially where Piper is concerned. Being the only one who believes in Reef’s innocence, she launches her own investigation. However little does she know of the danger she is walking into. It is for this reason Landon realizes that he must go with her to protect her. But what he realises is that he must protect his heart from being broken for the second time by the same woman, Piper.

I know, I know, the story sounds like a generic romantic suspense novel. Except that is where we’re wrong! The way Pettrey has written Shattered is so inviting I was hooked from the beginning! She wasted no time with fancy informative details and went straight into the heart of the novel. After reading the first two chapters, Pettrey had the whole story mapped out, hinting where the investigation was headed and Reef’s definite prosecution. However the novel is so rich with twists and complications that this possibility was never really available. I had no idea a novel was able to include so many, but Pettrey made them seem so natural it only made sense.
You probably guessed it- the romance. In her previous novel Submerged, Pettrey made it clear that Piper and Landon’s feelings for each other ran deep. No secret there. I love it how their broken relationship began where it ended – at Cole and Bailey’s engagement party. The tension seemed so real that it was clear they belonged together. Their arguments are best described as the one someone would describe as “If my wife and I fought like that, we’d still be together”. It was so obvious that strangers even picked it up. The arguments made their relationship advance and flow naturally.

But….there is an added part, the addition of another romance between Gage and Darcy. Although Pettrey doesn’t exactly spell it out, the hints are very convincing. I found it really enjoyable. Most would think that two romances are a bit too much. Naturally I would agree because it takes the focus away from the main characters. However in this case it was the complete opposite. It added another dimension to the novel, making it richer amongst the secrets, twists and trials of trust. The cute thing is that both reject the notion but don’t stop their flirtatious actions. It definitely makes for some funny moments. The good news is that the next novel in this series is called “Stranded” where we get to see how this relationship unravels. Can’t wait!!

I’m terribly sorry for this long winded review. I sincerely hope that I haven’t rambled, because I feel like I have!! But I hope that you will now be encouraged to grab hold of this book and allow Pettrey take you on an adventure and hopefully enjoy it like I have  It took me a couple of days to read and whenever I thought about the book I was excited and curious to what was up ahead.

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