When A Heart Stops- Lynette Eason

when-a-heart-stopsRATING: 3.5/4 Stars

Never having read any of Lynette Eason’s books before, I must say that I really enjoyed the plot she crafted. However having read Dee Henderson and Irene Hannon’s books my expectations were very high. Although I feel that Eason didn’t quite meet those expectations, When a Heart Stops didn’t overly disappoint.

As a medical examiner, Serena Hopkins is used to dealing with death. But that doesn’t make it any easier when she’s called to the eerie scene of a murder- especially when Serena realises that she knows the victim. Nearly as unnerving is the presence of FBI agent Dominic Allen, her childhood crush.
As evidence mounts and points to a serial killer with disturbingly familiar methods, Serena and Dominic must work to find a pattern and stop the killings before the murderer strikes again. And when Serena’s own life seems at stake, she must decide if the secret she has been keeping has put her next on the killer’s hit list. Can she trust Dominic with the truth before it’s too late??

After having bought this book and finding it in my letter box, I was really excited to begin reading. What I liked about it was that the first chapter got straight into the story line, which is understandable for it continues on from the first Deadly Reunion series book When the Smoke Clears. However not having read the book meant I was a little confused at the beginning concerning the characters. But as the story unravelled I became less confused.

Personally I was a little disappointed with the romance. I expected a lot more than a few kisses, like being able to feel the attraction and therefore the tension, especially since Dominic and Serena haven’t seen each other in a long time. I enjoy reading the main characters hint their attraction towards each other and not confess it with in the first few pages upon meeting. Romance is also enjoyable when the characters know about the hurdles they have to over-come to be together. However Eason, apart from the murders, didn’t quite deliver.

Nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed the twists Eason conveyed. Right when I thought I had everyone figured out, Eason changes everything. The most unexpected people turn out to be someone you wouldn’t have imagined. The plot also had extra elements that made it less predictable, heightening the suspense. Yet that said, I believe the suspense could have been better, like the murderer revealing themselves more to Serena. However the suspense was most definitely there. The aspect of Serena having to keep Jillian’s secret safe, without knowing what it was, really made me curious. Everything tied in with Jillian was because nothing about her situation was revealed, including her reason to why she fled graduation night. This is significant because the story revolves around her.
The aspect I enjoyed most of all though, was that the story had a cliff hanger, which I believe ties all aspects together really nicely. Not resolving the heart of the issue at the end makes me wish I was now able to read the next book just to satisfy my curiosity, especially when the murderers aren’t really dead.

To all those who love Eason’s works, I’m sorry if this review was a little harsh. Don’t get me wrong though, she is an amazing author who is able to craft a mind boggling plot. I am really looking forward to read about Jillian in When a Secret Kills.

3 thoughts on “When A Heart Stops- Lynette Eason

    • Me, too! I am sure that Dee’s books got me into the genre also plus Dani’s novels have definitely “filled” that gap since Dee took so many years off from writing. Loved book two in the Alaskan Courage set, ‘Shattered’ and am sure ‘Stranded’ will also be memorable! 🙂

  1. Aw! Sorry you didn’t like this one, Booklover1. It was one of my very favorite suspense novels. Lynette is a great author. Have you ever read any of Dani Pettrey’s novels? She is probably my favorite mystery/suspense writer just now although nothing has topped Dee Henderson’s O’Malley series. 🙂

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