A Texan’s Promise


RATING: 3.5/ 4 Stars

A Texan’s Promise, by Shelley Gray, takes us on a journey of hardship and many trials of love and promises.

For Vanessa Grant, her childhood home on Circle Z Ranch in Texas has been a place of great joy and acceptance. However when her doting father dies she finds her mother marrying Price, a greed driven man making everyone around him suffer, including Vanessa. This is especially evident when Price takes advantage of Vanessa, changing the course of her life forever.

Clayton Proffitt, Circle Z’s head foreman, is an honourable man (one that every woman dreams of) and a dear friend to Vanessa, who has always been there for her, no matter the situation. This one fateful night is no different. Clayton feels responsible for what has transpired and therefore decides to take her west- away from the man she fears.

On their journey Vanessa and Clayton develop an unexpected bond, one that is deeper than a mere friendship or his sense of duty. However Vanessa’s stepfather won’t let her go that easily, testing the strength of Clayton and Vanessa’s past promises as well as the arrival of new ones.

Never having read one of Gray’s stories before, I must say that she writes really well. Not too much description but enough to keep the story flowing. There are so many aspects that I enjoyed, the most obvious one being the romance. The vivid descriptions and Clayton’s continuous endearments really make your heart melt. Alongside is Vanessa’s sweet and beautiful nature and appearance, making their moments together really intimate. However I must say that at times Vanessa does seem to forward. I understand that women in relationships have to also contribute if it is to grow, but I believe that it is the man’s job to take the first move. Nonetheless you really get the feeling that Clayton and Vanessa are meant to be together.

The suspense Gray brought forth was also really interesting. However I feel that it lacked that heightened atmosphere. Yes Profit was looking for her, but if he had have found her, instead of being somewhat led to the wrong direction on purpose, the story would have been really irresistible. Even so the story line was enjoyable, teaching many things about trusting God to take the lead in any relationship, not rushing to suit you.

Overall Gray’s novel made for an interesting read, one that I recommend to anyone.

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