Surrender Bay

surrender-bay-denise-hunter-paperback-cover-artRATING: 4 Stars

Denise Hunter’s novel Surrender Bay is a touching story about childhood sweethearts, Samantha and Landon, who are separated by distance and secrets that have the potential of keeping them apart for ever.
The blurb goes like this:

Samantha Owens’ estranged stepfather has died, leaving her his cottage in Nantucket- a place she fled years ago, never planning to return. As a single mum, Samantha can’t afford to pass up a financial windfall like ocean-front property. So she travels home to fix up the house and sell it… never suspecting that Landon Reed still lives two doors down.
As their long-dormant romance begins to bud again, Samantha must face a past that separated her from the God of her childhood. And she must tell Landon why she fled the island in the first place- a secret that could tear them apart.
Is Landon’s love really as unconditional as he claims? And will Sam finally realise that the God she found all those years ago never abandoned her?

I love it how Denise crafts her stories so they are always full of loveable characters and dramatic twists that will leave you hanging. Surrender Bay definitely doesn’t fall short of this. Landon is the typical dream boyfriend/husband anyone would dream of, because he loves Samantha no matter how she has affected his life; whose unconditional love she doesn’t deserve. However Samantha was a character that got on my nerves a little too often. She knew that Landon loves her, which makes her feel vulnerable. Yet she tried to escape his love, digging a bigger hole for herself (I would tell you more, but that would just ruin the story :)) Yet she definitely gained my sympathy too, especially when she reveals her childhood hurt and rejection that shaped her life. Landon, of course, reassuring her, being the childhood friend she needed.

The twists were some of my favourite aspects because they added depth and more meaning to the budding romance. They also proved to be hurdles as well, especially where Landon is concerned, making the story seem less predictable.

I also liked the overall story line, however there were times when I thought the aspects were a little to secular. However the budding romance between Landon and Stephanie made up for it 🙂 The way Landon displayed his devotion to Samantha, made the moments they were alone intimate. This is especially so when Samantha declares her feelings.
Surrender Bay is also filled with moments of laughter, especially where Caden is concerned and her outspoken personality, placing Samantha and Landon together in times they would rather not be.

Overall Surrender Bay is definitely a heart-warming “tale of shattered trust, growing faith, and love that endures”. And just as the Library Journal quotes Surrender Bay is “… a romantic adventure about unconditional love and forgiveness”.

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