The Convenient Groom

RATING: 4.5 Stars
Denise Hunter’s Nantucket Love Story The Convenient Groom, is a novel that will definitely engage your heart so that you will want to keep reading and be disappointed when finished. Hunter’s amazing writing technique is full of detail, one that makes the story almost seem reality.

Dr. Kate Lawrence had it all- a nationally syndicated advice column, as well as a publisher who is paying for a lavish wedding to coincide with the release of her first book, Finding Mr. Right For You. However her smoothly ordered life changes when her fiancé jilts her just hours before their wedding and Lucas Wright saves her from total humiliation, or did he?

What I like about this deeply moving romance is the fact that Lucas and Kate’s relationship is tested through various ways, challenging the growing affection in Kate’s heart, as well as the information her job has taught her and the advice she has given others. The way Hunter has pronounced the growing affection between Kate and Lucas will keep your heart racing, as well as developing sympathy for Lucas, as he tries to make it work.

An aspect I enjoyed, for they added a new dimension to the story, were the little snippets of Kate’s new story at the beginning of every chapter. It took me a couple chapters to realise that they reflect what the chapter is going to be about without giving away too many hints for they go over the basic principles. Normally I find these paragraphs before the chapter really irrelevant, however Hunter portrayed their meaning very clearly, allowing me to enjoy them. Also, these snippets reflect Kate’s philosophy, allowing the readers to understand her point of view, although they probably won’t agree.

It is no surprise that Hunter has won the CBA bestselling author because her stories really appeal to readers due to the way she writes. The Christian world view is not evident, although any Christian will realise it’s their immediately, especially when they read the reading group questions. I therefore recommend this story to any romance lover for this is a book you will really enjoy.

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