Still Lolo

Rating: 5 Stars
Still Lolo, written by the Scruggs family and Marcus Brotherton, is a biography about how Lauren’s tragic accident with her helicopter propeller collision, changed not only her life, but also that of those around her. The blurb reads like this:

In Still Lolo, Lauren reveals what really happened that night, how she survived against all odds, and what her life is like today. She is unflinchingly honest in the face of difficult questions: ‘What kind of future will I have? Will anyone be able to love me now? Where is God in all this pain?’ Through her story, Lauren calls us to live a life without fear and to overcome whatever challenges threaten to limit us. … Still Lolo is a compelling and fiercely beautiful account of faith, determination and staying true to who you are-no matter what.

However, Lauren’s story also dates back to her childhood, so that we not only get to know Lauren in her present situation, but also what kind of person she is. It permits us to also see what events shaped her life and personality, allowing her to establish a strong and firm relationship with Christ, who proved to be the source of power and strength in her journey for recovery. These moments also demonstrate that in reality everyone is human, no matter their struggles or popularity. Lauren Scruggs is the perfect example of this for her questions after the accident are ones everyone faces, no matter their situations. The added dimension brought by this story is that the whole Scruggs family voiced their side of the story, adding a wider scope to the story line.
What I love most about this book is the biblical encouragement brought across. Lauren’s story is a great example of how God works through the bad and trying moments in our lives and although we may not realise it, God is right by our side. I found this message really reassuring because it is so easy to forget that God is amidst our struggles for we feel lost and alone. When in reality all we need to do is cry out for help where we will then be comforted. All that is required is faith.
Another aspect I found really comforting, was that Lauren’s story taught me that our futures are all in God’s hand. All we have to do is submit it and live for God. Whether we get married, get the kind of career we were wishing for or what we will eat, Lauren taught me that if we on God’s path, we will be blessed. It may not be the way we expected, but the fact that God blessed us is what counts.
One of the major messages conveyed was that no matter what life may throw our way, we are to live strong and persevere and the fact that God is on our side should give us that added boost of strength. For some of us, Lauren’s new normal may seem challenging and unfortunate, but it is really the way she tackles it that makes it what it is. Lauren has decided to continue living positively and through this decision has not only impacted her family, but also those touched by her story, encouraging them, as well as giving them a new outlook on life.
I would highly recommend this book to those young adults and older. Whether you personally have experienced similar events to that of Lauren or not, the book is for you due to the encouragement it provides in strengthening your walk with Christ.

You are able to read the first chapter by following this link: Still Lolo

*Please Note: I have received a free copy of this book from the publisher, Tyndale House Publishers, in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.*

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