A Simple Mistake

RATING: 5 Stars
Wow, what a novel!!! Andrea Grigg’s novel ‘A Simple mistake’ is one that will definitely touch your heart and make you laugh and cry alongside Lainey and Nick.
Nick Crusack and Lainey Sullivan, childhood sweethearts, meet again after a decade, where the simple mistake of the wrong address kept them apart. Although many things have changed, their love is still as strong as ever, especially when Lainey shares her secret with Nick, bringing them closer together. Other special factors also contribute to their relationship, giving them more meaning.
Nick Crusack is now a big successful music star in the band “The Mavericks” and has an emerging acting career. He is able to choose any woman he wants, however his heart has always belonged to Lainey. However his fall away from his childhood faith proves to be the only hurdle his stubborn and arrogant personality has to overcome to get what he wants.

What I love most about this book is the way it is written. For me, books normally take about 10 chapters to get the hang of things. However Grigg’s fluent writing has you hooked within the first chapter, where the characters come alive. I also love the dynamics between Nick and Lainey because the chemistry revealed that they truly belonged together. What I really got out of this book was Lainey’s strong faith for it got me thinking, ‘Would I act the same way to the man I loved because of what Christ commands?’ I would like to think I would however can imagine myself struggling. Another factor I really loved was the humour and cheekiness that truly translated Nick and Lainey’s childhood relationship/friendship, demonstrating that they are part of each other.

Overall, this story is one I will definitely read in the future and in my top 5 books for a long time. I highly recommend it for youwill definately feel like you’re a part of this world.

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