Just Between You and Me

RATING: 5 stars
What I love most about this novel from Jenny B Jones is, of course the romance, but also the message of surrendering yourself to God, meaning everything, including your fears. I find myself being able to relate to many of Maggie Montgomery’s trials she faces, but the encouraging thing was that God has your life planned out and all you have to do is let him lead.

Maggie Montgomery, from the time she graduated from high school, has been running away from the reality of her childhood and home town, hoping to forget about it and begin a new life. However a phone call from her dad, the person she hopes to never see again, changes her life. But is it for the better? Maggie has always lived a life of adventure, earning her the nickname of ‘Maggie the Fearless’, however will she be able to cope with her fear of facing the people and town she hoped to never see again?
Allison, Maggie’s schizophrenic sister, is constantly on the move with the wrong people, leaving her daughter, Riley, in the care of Maggie and their father. But things aren’t that straight forward. Riley, a ten year old, proves to be quite the handful and out of control child, not trusting anyone in her life because everyone so far has only been temporary, leaving scars in her life a ten year old should’ve never experienced.
And then there’s Connor Blake, Ivy’s most eligible bachelor and local vet, who is able to get through to Riley, and possibly Maggie’s ‘I’m-not-girlfriend-material’ heart.

Jenny B Jones has magnificently crafted this story so that it is irresistible to put down!!! The twists included make you want to wish the story will never end. What I love most about this story is that all the characters mentioned play a significant role in the story. The character developments are also really well established, so well that nearly every single one of them will have a special place in your heart.
Overall, Jenny B Jones’ novel ‘Just Between You and Me’ is one that must be read for it is definitely one of her best!!!!

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