First Date

RATING: 4 stars
Krista McGee’s book ‘First Date’ is a really easy going young adult novel that reflects many aspects of the youth life in today’s world.
Addy Davidson, an orphan raised by her uncle Mike, has been chosen by her Christian school to represent them in the new reality TV show The Book of Love, where the winner gets to be the date of Jonathon Jackson’s, the President’s son’s, senior prom. However Addy, although she believes that God put her in this show for a reason, struggles to fulfil her purpose. The added challenge is that she begins to realise she likes Jonathon.
What I love about this book is the fact that it has a clear Christian message throughout the story. I believe it to be very relevant to the struggles the Christian Youth are confronted with in everyday life. However, I did expect the story to include a little more romance so that the readers feel some sort of chemistry between Addy and Jonathon. Personally, I believe this aspect is one every teenage girl dreams about- a relationship with a famous teenage heartthrob, and therefore an essential aspect young adult novels need.
However, I would recommend this book because it has a great Christian message, one that I found very encouraging.

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