Walker’s Wedding

RATING: 4 stars
Lori Copeland’s novel Walker’s Wedding, is full of unexpected twists, occasional good laughs and romance.
Sarah Livingston, a woman determined to get married, with or without love, accepts to take Lucy Mallory’s place as a mail-order-bride to Walker McKay, however unknowingly steps into a future that is going to test her, as well as those she has come to care about.
Walker McKay is a man scarred from the humiliation of his first wedding and is therefore determined to never trust a woman with the feelings of his heart again. This is where Sarah’s presence challenges his stubborn mindset, but does he come realise that they are meant to be together? I’ll answer this question for you- yes he does. However it is only through gruelling circumstances that he comes to terms with it. But is he too late?? That’s a question you’ll have to answer after you’ve read the story. 🙂
Walker’s Wedding is a book easy to enjoy. The character developments really made you pick sides and have your favourites and some you get frustrated about, especially Sarah’s father and the the other deceitful characters. Whilst reading the relationship between Sarah and Walker grow, it was obvious that they belonged together.
Overall I found this book easy going and fun to read.

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